The rail bike is located at the branch line of Shen’ao– between the Badouzi Railway Station and the Shen’ao Railway Station. The early Shen’ao line was a light railway with a gauge of 762 mm during the Japanese colonial period, also commonly known as the "narrow-gauge train". It was mainly used to transport sugar, salt and coal to the port for overseas transportation. It used to be a branch full of prosperity that rivalled the Pingxi Line, perhaps even better. However, with the exhaustion of the minerals and the decreased production in the coal mines, the entire line finally came to an end in 1989,for both passengers and freight transportation. Only the section from Ruifang Station to Shen’ao Thermal Power Plant was reserved t for the coal trains. Nevertheless, the operation of the power plant was discontinued in 2007, and the demand for coal transportation diminished, along with the history of the Shen’ao Branch Line – a history that began and flourished due to the industry, and end with its decline . In the wake of the opening of the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology in 2014, the Shen’ao Branch Line followed to resume its operation, so did Badouzi Station, which was re-opened to the public in 2016.


The rail bike of the Badouzi station is adjacent to the Badouzi Railway Station. Being the nearest train station to the beach throughout Taiwan, it has more to offer - to overlook from the raised station the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the view of the sea melting into the sky. Furthermore, this station crosses Keelung City and New Taipei City; This station is also the only station that embraces two cities throughout Taiwan, which makes this place very special. Standing right here, you may put your one foot in New Taipei City and put another in Keelung City at the same time. In its surroundings, there are famous tourist attractions such as the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, Shen’ao Fishing Port and Chaojing Park. At the other end of the Rail Bike track is the Shen’ao section, which is close to the Shen’ao Station Ruins, Elephant Trunk Rock, Shen’ao Fishing Port, and the list of sightseeing spots may also further extend to Ruifang and Jiufen


Badouzi Station

The Badouzi Station spans Keelung City and New Taipei City. It has a stunning scenery of mountains and seas, and on the horizon, the sea melted into sky. It has a good reputation for being a Duoliang Station in North Taiwan. The Shen’ao Line was once elected as "the most beautiful coastal branch line in Taiwan". Its history can date back to as early as 1935, the period of the Japanese rule. In order to transport the minerals extracted from Jinguashi, the Japanese Mining Corporation back then built a light rail line, and the next year, it was extended through the Shen’ao and Badouzi to Bachimen, called "Jinguashi Line”. In 1962, due to the bad financial situation of Taiwan Metal and Mining Corporation, this line faced its destiny of discontinued operation for the first time.



Until 2016, Wanghaixiang Chaojing Bay Conservation Area, once a landfill plus the overfishing of fishermen, had lost its vitality by abandoned fishing nets and garbage. In this Area, we adopt the measures of forbidding catching and harvesting, removing the waste, through the restoration plan to take clown fish and coral reef home conducted by the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology. Together with the concept of "to be close to the ocean, be kind to the ocean, and to sustain our oceans", it has become a secret garden under the sea with blue waves on the surface and the colorful soft corals, sea fans and plenty of beautiful creatures living in the coral reef in the deep water. This is also a paradise for experienced diving enthusiasts.


Mascot Characters



Some playful mascots are created to relate to the well-known local landscapes of Tofu Rock, Elephant Trunk Rock and the mountain shape: Tobi, Ebbi, Mobi


Outgoing and enthusiastic

Has a fragile heart like tofu

Only minor mysophobia

will become stinky tofu when he gets angry


His pet phrase is:

I am tofu, not a sugar cube.


Shy and bashful

Good at observing others

Loves the ocean and protects the ocean

His dream is to be an environmental warrior


His pet phrase is:

Calling out for love on the coast of Shen’ao


Slow-witted and marginalized

Reliable errand boy

Interested in mining to search for treasures

Has got a secret nobody knows


His pet phrase is:

Whilst some people rely on the mountain; some on the sea, you will see I am the most reliable one.


Bike Design



  1. Easy to Ride
    • Children over 145 cm can pedal on their own
    • Women over 65 years old can pedal on their own
    • Equipped with the basket for the storage, seat belt, brakes, anti-collision device, interlocking buckle
  2. Service Function
    • In the future, the audio guide for scenic spots along the track will be available.
    • The photo shooting service along the track will also be ready for tourists.
  3. Featured Appearance
    • The body of the bike is based on the theme of a puffer fish, corresponding to the theme of ocean along the track.
    • With the collocation of four colors: light blue, pink, green, and yellow, streamlined style
Epidemic prevention and disinfection safety

In response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in order to protect the health and safety of residents. The park regularly disinfects the puffer fish, machines and public areas. Allow visitors to visit the park with peace of mind, safe travel.

Automatic Steering Device

Two stations are equipped with a rail bike steering wheel to allow the bike to turn to the other side for next departure when reaching the end of ride. It increases the frequency of use of the bikes running on the track.

Emergency Button and Intercom System

Emergency bells and intercoms are installed on each rail bike. If there is an emergency, the passenger may press the button at any time to make an instant call with the service personnel to assist the passenger in troubleshooting.

Automatic Audio Guide

The Company will set up an audio guide system launcher along the railway track. When the sensor detects the visitor’s approaching an attraction, the audio guide carried by the passenger will automatically conduct an audio tour.